Solar Synthesis: Energy Proposals Challenge

Participants are asked to develop a tool or strategy that makes their wildest energy fantasy possible. They will reimagine how energy functions in the future and how alternative energy might figure into current or projected systems. Using image and/or language, they might design a new technology, envision alternative energy as commonplace, redesign geopolitical structures, invent a new form of energy, or imagine a less energy dependent society, for example. Final proposals are not limited to any one approach or narrative and are meant to expand our thinking on alternative energy. 

Presenters and Panelists

Adam Goudjil
Aurash Khwarazad
Brian Sutherland
Elizabeth Shores
fields harrington
Georgia Kareola
Jen Chantrtanapichate
Juan Hurtado Salazar
Li Sumpter
Mehdi Torkaman