Submission Process

We welcome any and all submissions to the EJ Hub of relevant curricular materials and/or information about organizational partnerships. We will review all submissions before we accept them and add them to the site for other educators to consult. In our review of submissions, we are checking for clarity and also for materials that are affirming of all students and attentive to the range of needs that students have in the classroom and from their curricular materials. As we compile materials for the Hub, we are interested in material that is attentive to how power has historically manifested in educational spaces. We are committed to making contributions available that address systemic inequality as it manifests both in the classroom and in the present and past pursuits of environmental justice and broader engagement with non-human environments. If we have concerns about your submission, we will contact you to discuss them before your work appears on the Hub.  

Licensing and permissions information / citation attribution

Submission to the EJ Hub will be stored and housed on the site for use by other educators in formal and informal academic settings. We ask that anyone using resources housed on the site abide by the terms of the Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons license. This agreement states that material housed on the site may be used by others for noncommercial purposes with proper attribution. These are the terms on which other educators will be able to use and share your work, with attribution to you (and/or your collaborators or students, as you indicate in your submission) as the creator of the work and the EJ Hub as the place where they found your contribution. 

After the close of our initial submission period on April 30th, 2021 we will open indefinitely for rolling submissions, beginning in May 2021. You are welcome to contribute to the site at any time. Submissions received beginning in May 2021 will be added to the Hub in the order we receive them.