Covid X Climate

Rapid Response Workshop

The Covid-19 virus and the social dynamics of isolation reconfigure how we think about both urban and interior space, and open up new reflections on the challenge of transforming lifestyles with carbon more clearly in mind.

In this rapid response discussion, we aim to provide a venue for new challenges presented by the virus and speculations on responses and possible futures – at a moment when much of that future is still be quite difficult to see. Topics under discussion will include: how do we inhabit cities and interiors in new ways? What are the new objects of analysis that emerge at the covid X climate nexus? Are there new challenges to operating across scales- from the microbial, to the interior, to the global? Does the virus shift the relationship between planning, policy, and design?  

Participants include Andrés Jaque, Shalanda Baker, Kian Goh, and Ivan Munuera.

This workshop took place in September 2020 and was part of the covid X climate initiative.