covid X climate

The cXc project explores intersections (X) between the covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis, that multiply (X) social and environmental costs, particularly for the most marginalized, oppressed and vulnerable populations. cXc’s four public channels each share a different perspective on intersecting and mutually amplifying crises through academic and community based expertise; critical engagements via narrative, visual and performance art; activist accounts; and a collaborative archive of resources from around the world. 

Image credit: Tim Tai, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Photographer

cXc Expertise

Environmental humanities scholarship refracted through the pandemic

Image credit: Jose F. Moreno, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Photographer

cXc Tracts

Placed-based stories and performances of aspiration, exasperation, and resilience experienced during the COVID-19 crisis

Image Credit: Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

cXc Activism

Beyond bail-outs for carbon capitalism: activist work, mutual aid, and the struggle for environmental justice

Image credit: David Maialetti, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Photographer

cXc Archives

Link to resources and literature from around the world