Come Closer (You’re Too Far Away)

Carlo Campbell


Come closer

You’ll live another day come closer

Why would your mother pray?

Come closer

Togetherness is a vital component of our culture

Together is survival

Everyday that we’re alive is another chance to die

There a death in solitude

And together a homicide

The other side is just some kumbaya shit

Laughter is not the same alone

Unless a psycho pathed it

We need each other

Know you feel the vibe telepathic

But outta fear instead of share that side

They tell you mask it

I guess I’m old school

Kinda classic


You can’t presume that we’ll resume on zoom

It just too plastic

Yo we’ll get past it

The when and how

Is answered where our future past is that

We need each other more than S&P

Dow Jones or NASDAQ

Carlo Campbell: I am an artist from West Philadelphia and a self published poet (Afloematic available at I am also co-founder of a Theatre company in Philadelphia called Theatre In The X. We stage free plays in West Philadelphia primarily but do work all over. As an actor I’m a proud member of Actors Equity, as well as SAG-AFTRA.